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Four Tips For Anyone Arrested On Criminal Charges

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Being arrested on criminal charges can be one of the scariest things to have happen to you. Whether or not you are actually guilty of the crime you are being charged with, the coming months are sure to be fraught with court dates and meetings with your attorney. Here are four tips that will help you navigate this challenging time. 

1. Be honest with your lawyer.

Many people who are arrested and charged with a crime lie to their lawyers because they are embarrassed about what they did. While it's understandable that you feel ashamed, you need to tell your lawyer the truth. It is not their job to judge you. It is their job to defend you, and they cannot do that properly if you do not give them all of the facts of the case. Your lawyer is not allowed to share the information you give them due to confidentiality laws, so you do not have to worry about the truth "getting out" after you tell your lawyer.

2. Be careful who you confide in.

Talking about problems makes them seem smaller, but do be careful who you talk to about your case. Pick one or two trusted friends or family members, and make them your confidants during this time. Do not just share the details of your case with any and all friends who are willing to listen. You never know who will talk and share important details of your case with the prosecution.

3. Understand how prior convictions affect your case.

Many times, if you are a first-time offender, your lawyer will be able to convince the judge to dismiss the charges or greatly reduce the charges. However, if you have been convicted of a crime in the past, your chances of getting the charges dropped will be much lower. Be understanding of this, and realize that there's not much your lawyer can do about it. If your lawyer tells you that he or she can't get the charges reduced significantly due to prior convictions, don't jump ship and look for a new lawyer, he or she will probably have the same answer.

4. Stay clean.

If you want to get off with as small a fine or punishment as possible, then you absolutely do not want to get cited for anything else between now and your court date, even a traffic ticket! Be the model, rule-following citizen during this time.

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9 July 2018