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Workers' Comp: Ensuring Claim Approval

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Whenever you're injured, the recovery time can be lengthy and you may feel eager to heal and move on. This feeling is even more prominent when the place you work was responsible for your injuries. Waiting for workers' comp benefits from an employer can be stressful, especially when you're unsure about whether those benefits will come through. Ensuring approval for your personal claim may be simpler when using tips like these.

Check Deadlines

Your knowledge of workers' compensation issues might be vague at best, since this is subject few learn about until it is needed. Although you are mainly concerned with recovery right now,  you should still take time to check deadlines on filing to ensure you don't miss them.

Avoid Workplace Hearsay

Just as your own grasp of the workers' comp process might be minimal, so may everyone else's be. Do your best to receive information through the HR department or the company's own policy manual. Well-meaning peers and managers might be offering data that isn't accurate.

See a Company Doctor

If you're asked to subject yourself to an independent exam, it may be required that it's done with a doctor that the company insurance plan approves of. This may seem excessive to you if you're seeing your own physician, so you may try to simply send along your own doctor's notes with your workers' compensation claim. However, realize that this is generally not acceptable and could factor into a refusal to approve your benefits.

Expect Investigators

Your employer's insurance carrier may have already dispatched their own investigators to do preliminary research on you. Proving your honesty before approving your claim isn't unusual, and these investigators might interview co-workers, neighbors and others to gauge the extent of  your physical abilities and injuries.

One area where you may not anticipate investigator activity is on social media. However, this is quickly becoming the first thing that insurance investigators are interested in. If you're posting about playing sports or other activities that you should not be doing with your injuries, expect that someone will see and report those activities. In fact, refraining from posting at all could be wise until the insurance situation is resolved.

These suggestions may position you in a better way as you await approval for your workers' comp claim. Check with different workers' comp lawyers nearby for more information, and then select the one you best imagine will be a stalwart ally throughout the process.


6 June 2018