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Five Important Pieces Of Evidence That Can Impact A Car Accident Case

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Winning an auto accident case is all about having the necessary evidence to support your arguments. There are quite a few different sources of evidence in a car accident case that you'll want to look into and try to use to win the compensation you're seeking.

The following are five of the most important types of evidence used in a car accident case to provide proof of a client's claims:

Accounts from eye witnesses who were present

Those involved in a car accident case should try to interview any witnesses who were present. After interviewing a witness, it's a good idea to take that witness's contact information if possible so that they can be contacted to testify if the case should go to court. Try to talk with as many people as you can at the accident scene or track down those who were present afterwards, if possible. 

Pictures of the accident scene

Nowadays, most people have a cell phone or smart phone that is capable of taking pictures. You need to get pictures of the accident scene if there is any photographic proof in the aftermath of the accident that supports your case. 

Don't just focus on taking pictures of the vehicles themselves after the accident. You should also try to get photographs of the overall scene as well as any road signs or markings that could influence the case. 

Videos of the actual collision or accident

Some people have dashboard cameras installed on their vehicles so that they always have a ready source of evidence in the event of an accident. Having such a device installed can provide you with a huge asset to your case if you're ever involved in a car accident that requires litigation. 

Reports written up by the police

In most accidents involving extensive damage or injury, the police will be contacted, and they will write up a report about the incident. This report can be used as evidence to support a plaintiff's claims in a car accident case.

One thing in particular you should pay attention to regarding the police report is whether or not any ticket was given to another driver involved. If a driver is given a traffic ticket for his or her actions, it provides pretty clear proof that they were at fault in the accident. 

Expert testimony

In some cases, an expert such as an accident reconstruction specialist could be called in to provide testimony in a car accident case. An accident reconstruction specialist is a professional specializing in the fields of science and engineering who analyzes accident evidence and outcomes to determine what has transpired. Testimony from such a specialist could provide important information in support of a plaintiff's arguments. 

For more information on what kinds of evidence you will need to help in your case, contact a law firm in the area, such as Philpot Law Firm PA. An attorney can also help you with getting all the information you need, so it's really important to get professional legal help.


3 November 2017