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Hello, my name is Susan Farris and my hobby is learning about the law. I have an uncle who is an attorney and I've always looked up to him and that's why I find subjects on law very interesting. Through speaking with my uncle and doing research on my own, I've learned about all the different fields of law. Each field of law centers on its own subject and most attorneys specialize in a certain area of law. These include criminal, personal injury, family, bankruptcy, criminal, immigration and business. I find each one of these fields very interesting and I have the utmost admiration for lawyers because they help people through their legal struggles. I wanted to share this information with others who have questions about the different types of attorneys and the law.

Help Your Criminal Defense Attorney Help You By Following These Three Tips

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If you have been charged with a crime, unless you are able to come to a deal with the District Attorney and settle out of court, you will be going to trial. Unless you have been busy being a career criminal, chances are you don't have much courtroom experience. While your criminal defense attorney will do their very best to provide you with a good defense, you can make their job a little easier by following these three trial preparation tips.

Keep Quiet

Don't talk to anyone about your case except for you defense team. Don't talk to reporters. Don't talk about your case to other inmates if you find yourself temporarily incarcerated. Don't talk to the guards. Don't talk to law enforcement. Don't talk to friends. Don't talk to even family members. And definitely don't say anything on social media! In fact, you are far better off just deactivating your social media accounts. The last thing you need is to read the opinions of a bunch of people who don't have all the facts ripping you to shreds on Facebook or Twitter. It is none of your business what the public's opinion is, and if you say anything or respond at all, it can be used against you in court.


Don't do anything that will get you into even more trouble. Keep a low profile. Don't go out in public any more than you have to. Stay out of places where misfortune seems to congregate, like bars. If you have unsavory characters for friends who try to peer pressure you into doing things that could further jeopardize your case, quit hanging out with them. You don't need any new charges added to your current situation. Even something as simple as a minor traffic ticket can be twisted by the District Attorney to make you look bad. Stay out of trouble and do what your criminal defense attorney tells you to do.

Dress Appropriately

Don't show up to pre-trial hearings or meeting with the District Attorney looking like a bum. Dress to impress. People judge a book by its cover, whether we want them to or not. The phrase a "jury of your peers" is a misnomer; no one gets a jury that is made up of people that share your age, race, and background. Excessive piercings, tattoos, and blue hair is going to work against you. Clean yourself up, and wear formal attire that looks professional. 


15 December 2016