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Answering Common Questions About Pursuing Damages From An Auto Accident

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There are few accidents that can cause more serious and expensive damages that an automobile collision. Unfortunately, these incidents can have life altering implications due to the injuries and financial losses that may be incurred. To help you be better informed when recovering the damages that you suffered, you will want to be mindful of these three questions and answers concerning automobile accidents.

Why Should You Avoid Discussing the Case with the Other Party's Insurance Provider?

It is likely that the other party's insurance provider will contact you shortly after the accident in an attempt to quickly settle the claim. This will often entail asking you to give a statement regarding the accident as well as offering you a settlement. Unfortunately, these professionals often have the goal of saving the insurance company money by not providing the full value of your claim. This can be through attempting to trick you into admitting responsibility for the accident or offering a settlement amount that is less than the value of your case with the condition that you sign a waiver that surrenders your ability to pursue future legal action. To avoid accidentally compromising the strength of your claim, you should refer any communications from the insurance provider to your attorney.

What Will Happen to Your Debts from the Accident?

It can be common for individuals to suffer serious financial losses after these accidents. These losses can result in sizable debts, and if you fall behind on these debts, your creditors may start to threaten to take action against you. Fortunately, your attorney can file motions with the court to halt creditor actions until the case is resolved. This will allow you to prevent damage to your credit history by giving you the opportunity to collect compensation so that you can afford to pay these debts. In the instance your case is unsuccessful, this will also allow you time to start saving so that these debts can be paid soon after the proceedings conclude.

Will Attorneys Accept Clients from Relatively Minor Auto Accidents?

Some individuals will make the mistake of assuming that attorneys are only interested in those that were involved in serious auto accidents. However, it is important to note that individuals can suffer serious injuries in seemingly mild accidents. Considering that many attorneys offer free consultations, it is always advisable to schedule a meeting to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. These professionals will be able to help you better understand whether your case will be worth pursuing after the court expenses and strength of your case are considered. For more information, check out


14 October 2016