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Things To Consider When Filing A Workers' Compensation Claim For A Catastrophic Injury

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From a workers' compensation perspective, a catastrophic injury is typically one that results in the loss of a limb or significant mobility. Catastrophic injury claims are usually costly, and the best way to ensure that you get all of the benefits you're entitled to is to hire a workers' compensation lawyer who can help you through the process. Here are some of the things that you'll want to consider when you're negotiating your workers' compensation settlement.

You'll Need Help Adapting Your Home

If your catastrophic injury has left you in a wheelchair or with otherwise limited range of motion, you're going to need to have your home evaluated for necessary adaptations. For example, you may need to eliminate stairways, add a chair lift to reach the second floor, lower your counters or install a walk-in shower. You'll also need to think about any other specialized needs you might have. Will you require in-home care, visiting nurses or anything similar? If so, those things can be costly as well.

You May Need Special Medical Equipment

You may also require other durable medical equipment that will have to be ordered and shipped to the house. Your medical care team can work with your workers' compensation lawyer and the insurance company handling the case to ensure that everything is ordered, delivered and paid for. Some of the things you'll want to consider include a custom wheelchair, oxygen machines, lifts to help you in and out of bed and other similar items. All of these things need to be ordered directly from medical supply providers, so you'll want to have your lawyer facilitate the payments with the insurance company.

You'll Have To Consider Your Ability To Return To Work

Workers who suffer a catastrophic injury at work are less likely to return to their job. You'll want to talk with your lawyer about the doctor's prognosis and be realistic about whether or not you'll be able to return to your job. If you have reason to believe that you won't be able to go back to work, you should talk with your lawyer about it. He or she can help you determine the best way to proceed. It may mean seeking a larger settlement if you won't be able to work again.

Since catastrophic injuries come with such a significant recovery process, it's in your best interest to understand how to deal with the workers' compensation implications. With this information and the help of a lawyer like those at Daniels Long & Pinsel, you can get the settlement that you deserve.


18 July 2016