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Getting Your Application Approved: When You Are Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

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In 2010, only 23.7% of the applicants who applied for social security disability benefits were awarded benefits on their initial application. Whether the denial was because of a technicality on the forms provided to the social security administration, or a problem with a lack of information provided by doctors, the number of people denied benefits was more than 3/4 of those that applied. You can increase your chances of approval by seeking consistent medical care and working with a lawyer who can guide you through the process.

The Paperwork Gets Extensive

When you are disabled, you may have trouble focusing because of your illness. Applying for social security disability benefits takes time, focus, and effort. If you are already feeling poorly and you feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do, a social security disability lawyer can explain the paperwork to you and help you complete paperwork that you are having trouble with. You don't pay for the lawyer up front, and the stress of applying for benefits will be taken out of your hands.

There's Always a Deadline

There are times when you will be given days to provide information to the social security administration regarding your application, or it will be automatically denied. An attorney will stay on top of the paperwork for you, so that you are able to meet all of your deadlines. A lawyer that has experience with social security will be able to help you get your application done correctly the first time. 

You Should Maintain Medical Treatment

Even if you feel that you are at a medical end of treatment, stopping treatment doesn't help your application to social security for disability benefits. You will need to have providers who you see on a regular basis for the disability you are claiming. You want to prove to the social security administration that you are in treatment, yet treatment is not making it possible for you to have gainful employment. Do not stop treatment against medical advice, and stay in contact with your treatment providers who will be providing social security with the information they need to approve your benefits.

You may have to wait months, even years, for a final approval from social security for disability benefits. If you are frustrated with the process and not sure where to turn, it's time to meet with an attorney for an initial consultation to discuss your case. Click for more information on this topic. 


31 March 2016