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Hello, my name is Susan Farris and my hobby is learning about the law. I have an uncle who is an attorney and I've always looked up to him and that's why I find subjects on law very interesting. Through speaking with my uncle and doing research on my own, I've learned about all the different fields of law. Each field of law centers on its own subject and most attorneys specialize in a certain area of law. These include criminal, personal injury, family, bankruptcy, criminal, immigration and business. I find each one of these fields very interesting and I have the utmost admiration for lawyers because they help people through their legal struggles. I wanted to share this information with others who have questions about the different types of attorneys and the law.

Three Important Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Once you've decided that you will be taking legal action following an injury, it's beneficial to find the right attorney to handle your case as soon as you can. Although the statue of limitations for personal injuries -- which varies by state -- can often be two to three years, partnering with a legal professional in a timely manner means that he or she can send you to experts who can immediately diagnose the extent of your injuries. It's ideal to target a law firm that focuses on personal injury cases. Once you've identified a few attorneys that you're considering and have arranged meetings to go over your case, be sure to cover these three questions.

Where Is My Case The Weakest?

While you might be keen on hearing how your case is strong, it's smart to also get an understanding of where its challenges are. Many cases have a combination of strengths and weaknesses and it's up to your attorney to focus on the highlights while strengthening the weaker points. Look for each attorney to list the weaknesses in your case and explain why they could pose a challenge, and to also discuss various strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges.

What Might The Settlement Situation Look Like?

When you're getting involved in a personal injury case, you're likely hoping for a significant payday -- however, without any legal expertise, you'll have no idea what type of settlement or court outcome you could be looking at if the case goes well. Asking this question gives the attorney a chance to think about previous cases that are similar to yours and discuss what those clients received as settlements. You'll also want to clarify how quickly a settlement offer might come and whether it would be wise to take it or to decline it with the intention of going to court.

How Soon Would You Begin Working On My Case?

Given the length of the statute of limitations for your state, some attorneys you speak to might not be in a hurry to get the legal proceedings underway. This can especially occur if any attorney currently is dealing with a full slate of cases. If you're eager to ideally get a settlement and put the case behind you so that you can move on with your life, it's important to ask this question so that you'll be able to hire an injury lawyer who has the same timeline expectations as you.


11 March 2016