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2 Tips To Help You Avoid Common Auto Accidents

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You want to make sure you keep you and your family safe when you are driving. You probably do your best to follow road signs and warnings, but there may be other things that you are neglecting that could raise your risk of an auto accident. The following are 2 things you should consider that may help prevent an accident. 

1. Make Sure Your Tires Are in Good Condition

Experts have shown that there are two conditions that can make your tires a risk to you and others, which are:

  • Under-inflated tires
  • Worn tires

Accident rates showed 26 percent of accidents were related to worn tires, so making sure your thread is in good condition should be your priority. Thankfully, you can use the penny test to ensure your tires are in good condition before you drive, or you can have your auto care specialist check them out. 

To perform the penny test, follow the steps below:

  1. Grab a penny.
  2. Stick the penny into your tire treads, making sure that Lincoln's head is facing upward.
  3. Make sure that you cannot see Lincoln's head.
  4. Try different areas of your tires because tires can wear out unevenly.

Under-inflated tires are also dangerous, especially if they are under-inflated by more than 25 percent, as those are 3 times more likely to be in a vehicle-related accident. You can check your tire pressure using the following steps:

  1. Purchase a digital tire pressure gauge from your local auto care shop.
  2. Check your vehicle's recommended PSI or tire pressure. This could be found in your owner's manual or on the sticker placed on the driver's side door.
  3. Read the pressure of each tire at least 3 hours before driving your car for a better read. Make sure it matches the suggested PSI number.

Taking these simple precautions might help prevent an accident on the road or having to deal with any legal consequences.

2. Be Sure to Avoid Distractions

You might find it hard to believe, but the truth is that 1 in 5 car crashes involved a driver that was distracted one way or another. Distractions come in many forms, like the following:

  • Texting, reading emails, reading GPS system
  • Reading books or other written material
  • Looking at your kids
  • Having an argument
  • Making changes to your music
  • Putting on makeup or other self-grooming activities
  • Looking at a nearby accident
  • Enjoying the scenery

These are just some of the distractions that you definitely want to avoid, but the point is to make sure that your eyes, thoughts, and hands are focused on the road. If you are in an accident, be sure to contact your insurance company and a lawyer if you need to like Law Offices of Burton J. Hass.


11 February 2016