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Types Of Liquor Permits

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In order to avoid running afoul of the law, you are going to need to make sure that you have your liquor licenses up to code. Here are some situations in which a business might need to get a liquor license but might not realize it, especially if its owners are new entrepreneurs. Check to see if your situation is on the list if you suspect that you might need a liquor license.

1. Art Gallery Liquor License

One venue that might need a liquor license, depending on the state in which it is residing, is an art gallery. It is very common for art galleries to hold a show for one or two artists and then provide light snacks, such as cheese and wine for free or for purchase. Not all states require this type of license but those that do usually require all businesses that sell or distribute alcohol on occasion to count up the number of days that they disperse alcohol. If the number of days is more than the state's limit, then a different type of license is needed, rather than an art gallery license. Make sure that you keep track of the number of shows that you are planning to have during which alcohol is going to be served and talk to your state licensing board for more details.

2. Bed and Breakfast Permit

If you run your own bed and breakfast, you might sell or provide your guests with alcohol. Some states will require you to get a bed and breakfast permit. This type of permit is used for businesses that only offer alcohol during certain hours and tends to be less strenuous than getting a liquor license that is good for a hotel. If your state requires you to get a permit, then you are going to need to make sure that you qualify for the reduced permit by only offering alcohol for very limited hours, for example between nine and eleven on weekend-nights. Talk to your state licensing board for the exact specifications of the law.

3. Arts License

If you are running an theater and sell alcoholic beverages during the intermission, then you are going to need a liquor license in most states. This type of license is easier to get in most states than a full bar license. To qualify, the profits of the alcohol sales usually need to go towards generating more art and culture opportunities, rather than for personal profit. Usually, non-profits will qualify for this type of license.

For more information, talk to a company that helps other businesses get their liquor licenses (such as Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants).


21 December 2015