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Survival Tips For Parents Of Children Taken By Child Protective Services

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If your child has been taken by the state and put into foster care, you are more than likely feeling frightened and worried. You may not know where your child has been taken, especially if you do not have family members able to care for them until you get the situation sorted out. If your child has been taken, being prepared for a long battle to get him or her back is important to remember. Follow these tips for staying strong and getting the most out of the services available to you as a parent.

Dispelling The Initial Shock

The most painful thing many parents can imagine is the loss of their child, especially when people they do not know and do not trust drive them away. The feeling of shock can be overwhelming for parents, especially if you are never told the location of children due to charges like abuse or neglect. If you are not guilty of the charges used to take your child, the pain you feel can be even greater and more confusing. You may have many thoughts running through your mind, from remembering your child's first steps or his or her first day at school. While keeping these happy thoughts close by is good, avoid focusing on them because they will increase your emotional despair. The time is at hand for you to focus on nothing else but getting back your child as soon as possible.

Dealing With All The People In Charge

When you start dealing with caseworkers, guardian ad litems and lawyers and other people from various legal services, you may not trust any of them. Being wary of everyone is a normal reaction to you having your child taken from you. You may feel that no one is on your side or that everyone is looking at you like you are a criminal of some kind. However, when you go to court, following the orders of the court for your treatment plan is extremely important. By doing so, you are showing them you are responsible and you want your child back. Instead of being distrusting of the people trying to help you, taking their help can be a sign you are trying and you are not a bad parent. The steps you take to follow through with parts of a court ordered treatment plan like parenting or anger management classes will look good for you at the permanent placement hearing.

Talking About How You Feel Helps

The time it takes for you to get your child back can be long due to the number of legal processes necessary for setting you up in classes or referring you to psychological medical professionals for evaluations. During this time, you may feel distraught and overwhelmed. Talking to a friend or family member you trust about your fears can help a lot to revive your strength and belief that you are taking the right steps for getting your little one back home with you.

Knowing you are not alone in these kinds of circumstances is important to remember. You are just one of many parents experiencing the same fears and despair over losing their children. By taking the time to step back from the situation and looking at it for what it is, you have an easier time maintaining your self-confidence and have the strength you need for getting through it emotionally unscathed.

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17 November 2015