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Hello, my name is Susan Farris and my hobby is learning about the law. I have an uncle who is an attorney and I've always looked up to him and that's why I find subjects on law very interesting. Through speaking with my uncle and doing research on my own, I've learned about all the different fields of law. Each field of law centers on its own subject and most attorneys specialize in a certain area of law. These include criminal, personal injury, family, bankruptcy, criminal, immigration and business. I find each one of these fields very interesting and I have the utmost admiration for lawyers because they help people through their legal struggles. I wanted to share this information with others who have questions about the different types of attorneys and the law.

4 Personal Injury Case Tips

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If you are going through a personal injury case, there are few things you should know. First off, you should definitely consider hiring a personal injury attorney since they know how to deal with the paperwork involved, speak to the insurance companies, and more. You are much more likely to be successful in your case if you have an attorney by your side. Here are four more tips that can help you get through the case as smoothly as possible:

  1. Careful What You Say on Scene: After the accident has occurred, don't apologize or say anything that hints at your potential fault in the situation. This can easily be held against you in the future, making it more difficult to prove that the injuries you have suffered are truly due to the fault of another. This can then make compensation entirely denied to you or potentially ensure that compensation is cut down a great amount at least. 
  2. Don't Sign What You Haven't Read: Be sure that all documents you have to sign are read thoroughly between you and your lawyer. Your lawyer will help you to understand some of the more complicated sentences that have a great deal of law terms you may not completely understand and more. Once you have understood what you have read, you will want to discuss with your lawyer whether or not it is something that you want to sign. Otherwise, you can request to have certain changes made to the document if you feel that it is necessary.  
  3. Don't Miss Any Doctor Appointments: Any doctor appointments that are scheduled to treat the injury you have suffered must be followed through with. If you miss any doctor appointments, this too can be held against you and makes it appear as if you are not truly as injured as you say that you are. In this situation, you may be denied compensation or it may be lowered significantly. 
  4. Don't Talk to the Insurance Adjustor if You Aren't Comfortable: Finally, be sure that you always have your attorney do the negotiating with the insurance adjustor if you are not comfortable doing so on your own. Your attorney is going to know how to negotiate with the adjustor to ensure that you come to a settlement agreement that you are happy with. 

By following these four tips, you can be sure that you end up with a much higher chance of receiving the settlement amount that you truly deserve. 


29 September 2015