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A Quick Guide To DUI Charge Defense

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When you need to be sure that you are able to keep yourself and other drivers safe, while also avoiding the repercussions of the law, it pays to stay away from drinking and driving. However, if you do make such a mistake and end up taking on a charge, you will need to be sure that you get the help of a professional criminal defense attorney. Take these pieces of information below in mind, so that you are able to defend yourself and know what you are dealing with. 

Understand The Legal Ramifications Of A Drinking And Driving Charge

To be sure that you understand the importance of a quality criminal defense lawyer, you should know the legal ramifications that can happen when you are caught and charged with a drinking and driving charge. The legal limit in driving under the influence cases is typically .08 percent or .1 percent, depending on your state, so blowing above that limit leaves you open to jail time, interlock ignition device installation in your vehicle, probation and most importantly -- a criminal record. To be sure that you are given the best opportunity to keep your record clean, always hire a quality, credible criminal defense lawyer. 

Know The Serious Financial Penalty Of A DUI Charge

In addition to dealing with the repercussions of dealing with a DUI charge in court, you should also know that there will be a serious financial setback that you may have to deal with. Hiring an attorney is a cost encumbrance itself, but you may also deal with serious fines. These fines in court can range between $9,000 and $24,000, depending on the penalty that you are hit with, based on the severity of the charge. 

Learn The Strategies For Dealing With A DUI Charge

You should know that you are innocent until a judge or jury declares you guilty. Many people feel that they will be convicted simply because they blew over the legal limit. This isn't the case, because there are plenty of credible legal defenses that you can use. For instance, you will be able to debate the probable cause of being stopped and pulled over by a police officer, you have health issues that caused you to blow above the limit or you were the recipient of a bad lab test. 

By taking advantage of this information and hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you will get the help that you need. 


22 July 2015