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Is Social Security Disability The Right Compensation For You?

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Social Security disability exists to assist ailing citizens with financial support. If you're unable to work, social security can give you a livable income, but the amount may not match your lifestyle or even your disability situation. As you consider your options, consider a few benefits, drawbacks and alternatives that a social security disability lawyer could help you with as well.

What Does Social Security Disability Provide?

Many people incorrectly assume that social security disability is just money for disabled people. There are many facets of the program that can assist a disabled person in getting back into a productive life.

The social security disability system has work incentives that can assist you with getting into a good condition to work while still receiving social security benefits. Assistance with education, job training or finding different opportunities that fit with your disability can be found with the assistance of social security representatives.

A lawyer can assist you in securing enough time to find your desired job. Although there is no set policy on how aggressive the social security system can be, it's reasonable to understand that you may want to find an ideal job after understanding the true limits of your disability--accepting the first job available shouldn't be necessary if you're close to obtaining a career that you can enjoy in your condition.

The Income Downside Of Social Security

Many people may find that the payments that come from social security are not enough to enjoy their previous lifestyle. Unfortunately, you can't easily earn extra money without causing problems with your benefits.

Your earned income has an effect on your benefits. According to page 17 of a PDF document from the Social Security Administration, your benefits are reduced by 50 cents for every dollar over $85.00 that you earn. This means that to continue receiving benefits, you can't make so much money that your benefit amount will be reduced to 0 and shut off completely. 

If you find that you're able to earn short-term money that goes above your income limit, make sure to contact Social Security ahead of time and document as much as possible. An unexplained windfall of funds can be troublesome for your continued benefits.

What Other Disability Compensation Options Are Available?

If you're not eligible for social security, consider the source of your disability. If you were injured at work, workers compensation may be able to assist with medical bills and job rehabilitation depending on the severity. A social security lawyer can also help with personal injury cases when the cause of your disability is an injury caused by another person or organization.

Military veterans should also seek legal advice for disabilities that could have been caused by military service. If you have documentation of your injury, you can receive compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you have general wear and tear that can't be pointed at any specific incident, you may qualify for presumptive injury categories that could still result in compensation.

All of these options should be considered as you work towards a social security claim. Although they're often incompatible with each other due to income requirements, you may be able to shift into a different program if social security proves insufficient. Contact a social security legal professional like Michael P Boyle, to explore your situation and design a disability claim for compensation success.


4 June 2015