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Hello, my name is Susan Farris and my hobby is learning about the law. I have an uncle who is an attorney and I've always looked up to him and that's why I find subjects on law very interesting. Through speaking with my uncle and doing research on my own, I've learned about all the different fields of law. Each field of law centers on its own subject and most attorneys specialize in a certain area of law. These include criminal, personal injury, family, bankruptcy, criminal, immigration and business. I find each one of these fields very interesting and I have the utmost admiration for lawyers because they help people through their legal struggles. I wanted to share this information with others who have questions about the different types of attorneys and the law.

The Unintentional Skater—Common Injuries In Winter


Winter is a time of magic as the landscape transforms into a crystalline wonderland. However, it also brings many safety hazards from snow and ice. Some accidents can be avoided by preparation. Injuries caused by human carelessness or negligence can be remedied by the hero of slips, trips, and falls-the personal injury attorney.

Preparing for winter weather

You can be safer in any kind of winter weather with a little preparation. Safety tips include:

  • Dress appropriately for cold weather. Wear multiple layers of clothing rather than just one heavy piece of outerwear. Keep fingers, toes, and ears warm and dry to protect them from frostbite.
  • Wear practical footwear. Flat shoes or boots with non-slip soles will lessen your chances of falling on the ice and fracturing your coccyx (tailbone), or maybe your skull.
  • Drive slowly in wintry weather, even with a four wheel drive vehicle. They are great when you become stuck in snow, but slide off the road and into other vehicles just as easily as regular two wheel drive cars. Pump your brakes to stop gradually rather than braking hard.
  • Remember to pace yourself when shoveling snow. Many people suffer heart attacks from repeated heavy lifting. If you have health problems, hire someone else to do it.

​Liability for injuries suffered because of negligence

There are some accidents that can be avoided by the due diligence of individuals or companies. Whether negligence is intentional or not, liability can still be established. Examples include:

  • Ice or snow covered sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Individuals who refrain from cleaning their sidewalks are creating potential hazards for those who must navigate them. Businesses who attempt to save money by skimping on snow removal and ice treatment may find themselves paying much more in a settlement to a customer who slips on their property.
  • Slippery floors. Melting snow brought into stores on the shoes of customers can create a slip hazard if it is not cleaned regularly. Personal injury attorneys handle many cases each year of customers that are injured when slipping on wet floors.
  • Hanging icicles. When snow melts during the day and refreezes at night as it drips from roofs, it can create pointed spikes of ice. Icicles can cause serious injuries if they fall on pedestrians walking below them. They should be removed as they form to reduce the risk.

Skating is fun when it is your choice. When involuntary, skating results in an abrupt and painful landing, a personal injury attorney like will assist you in getting a settlement that will keep you warm and comfortable as you heal.


11 December 2014