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Premises Liability: How An Amusement Park Injury Could Force You To Get Legal Help

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Have you been hurt at an amusement park? Do you believe your injury occurred because of the negligence of the amusement park? If so, it's possible that you are entitled to compensation. This article will discuss the responsibilities of everyone involved:

The Amusement Park's Responsibility

The owner of the amusement park has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their visitors. They are required to make sure that they take reasonable steps to create a safe environment. If the owners do not take adequate measures to ensure the safety of the park's visitors, they could be liable.

If your injuries occurred because precautions weren't taken to ensure your safety, then the owners are guilty of negligence.

Here's an example. If you take a ride on the Ferris wheel and the car falls off due to disrepair, you could be compensated for any injuries you sustain. The owner of the clearly didn't do their duty in making sure the ride was safe.

Your Responsibility

Of course, it isn't only the owner of the amusement park that has a responsibility. You are also obligated to behave in a way that doesn't endanger anyone else's safety. If you behave recklessly and injure yourself, then it is not likely that you will be able to have a valid claim against the amusement park. The owner cannot be expected to keep you safe from yourself.

Here's another example. Instead of the Ferris wheel car breaking off, you decide to hang from the side of it for kicks. If you fall, the park's owner will not be held liable for your injuries.

Status Of The Visitor

Another important factor that must be considered in a personal injury lawsuit is the status of the visitor. There are 3 categories that visitors are grouped into. The status of the visitor determines whether or not the owner is responsible for their safety.

The 3 types of visitors include:

  • Invitee: Invitees are visitors who are invited onto the premises. This would include employees and customers of the park.
  • Licensee: A licensee is someone who has not been invited to the park, but has been given permission to be there. This can include salespeople and others.
  • Trespassers: Trespassers are visitors who were not invited or allowed to be on the premises. There are at the park illegally.

The owner of the park is responsible for the safety of invitees and licensees as long as they do not behave in a reckless manner that endangers their own safety. When it comes to trespassers, the owner is not obligated to protect them. If they injure themselves on the premises, they will not be able to sue the owners of the park for their injuries.

If you have been hurt as a result of the negligence of the amusement park, you could be entitled to get compensation. You should speak with a personal injury attorney or consult with others at law offices to learn more.


10 December 2014