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Having A Party? Don't Let Your Friends Drunk Drive

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Do you know that you may be held liable for injuries caused by motorists who get drunk in your party? If you are holding a social gathering where alcohol is served, you should do your best to prevent such incidences. Here are examples of helpful measures to take:

Make Sure There Are No Minors

The law is pretty harsh on underage drinking, so pull out all the stops to prevent it. In some states, you may be held responsible for minors who drink in your party even if you don't actually give them the alcohol. Don't invite any minors if you are serving alcohol. If you have young children, let them stay in their rooms and have somebody monitor them.

Meet and Greet

Some of your guests may have already had a few drinks before coming to your party. If that is the case, then even a couple more drinks can send them over the edge. The best way to know if this is true is to meet and greet everybody as they arrive. In fact, it is also advisable to see them off one by one when they leave so that you can ascertain whether they are drunk.

Limit Your Own Alcohol Intake

The only way you can stay in control of the situation is not to get drunk. Since you are the host, it may not be possible to avoid drinking altogether. However, you should limit your intake to a few drinks so that the alcohol doesn't impair your judgment. You need your wits to determine who is causing trouble, and who is too drunk to get behind the wheel.

Avoid Self Service Bars

Self-service bars encourage guests to over-drink. Therefore, you should avoid it and instead serve all the drinks yourself. If the party is big and you can't manage, then you can get a few responsible friends to help you. You can also hire professional bartenders and explain to them your expectations (when to stop serving, for instance).

Don't Let Intoxicated Guests Drive

Despite your best attempts, it is possible that some of your guests will be intoxicated by the time the party is over. Do your best to persuade these guests not to drive. For example, you can:

  • Call cabs for them
  • Ask them for their car keys
  • Offer them your spare beds
  • Pair them with sober, responsible friends for their rides home

Some intoxicated guests may insist on driving home themselves, even getting violent in the process. If that happens, call the police for help. Calling the authorities may seem drastic, but it may save you from a costly lawsuit or even save some motorist's or pedestrian's life.

If an accident does happen, then a personal injury attorney is the best person to consult.  That is the only way you can limit your liabilities for the accident.


4 December 2014